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My name is Michael Mather and this website deals with Policies and Products and it is in the field of establishing marketing policy where.

I am sure so many companies have failed. Lip service is paid to a belief in the marketing concept but little else stems from this apart, perhaps, from changing the title on the sales manager's door. If we may define marketing as the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably, then it is apparent that the customer must become the focal point of the company's entire commercial activity. I submit, therefore, that a genuine understanding and acceptance of the marketing concept means that we must inevitably redefine the first and essential purpose of our business as being to secure and to keep customers.

By redefining and restating the priority function of the business in this way, a totally different and far more rewarding philosophy of customer service will permeate throughout the organisation. The potential influence of this outlook at shop floor level is highly significant since for years the workers have been told that the chief purpose of the business is to make a profit. Profit for whom?

But let it not be thought that I am suggesting profit is not vital to any enterprise. It most certainly is, but I believe that its achievement is one of the requirements of the business and not its primary function. The relative importance of customers and profit can be illustrated by the fact that it is perfectly possible - however undesirable - to run a business for a time without making a profit. It is not possible to continue the business for one day without customers.

This outlook towards the importance of customers does nothing other than to restate, in terms of policy and action, the basic marketing concept. Nevertheless, these remarks do reflect the change through which marketing is now passing. The pressures of consumerism, the so-called affluent society, the problems of product complexity and increasing customer awareness are all indicating a subtle change in the marketing concept. T

he philosophy of attempting to satisfy customer "desires" is now altering towards an attempt to satisfy, more particularly, the customer's long-term interests. There are increasing criticisms that "marketing" has merely stimulated short-term trivial wants and has left the customer spiritually denuded in a materialistic desert. I cannot accept this viewpoint, but I do believe that marketing men must increasingly realize that they are, inevitably, an important part of our social fabric and that, as such, they cannot escape their appropriate share of social responsibility. So that if marketing policies are changing, so must the products.

Better utilization of expensive, scarce raw materials suggests the return to higher quality goods.

More products must be designed with a second use in view and there seems little doubt that packaging must undergo a radical change, not only to meet circumstances of economic recession, but to accord with a changing social philosophy.

So it is that now, more than ever before, the marketing man will need to be better educated in his profession as well as being more alert to the social environment and its increasing effect upon company policies.

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