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Five Web Marketing textbooks (all American) received a mention in the reading lists, and, of these, Web Marketing Management, by Miracle and Albaum, had a slight edge on the remainder. The Web Marketing executive would prefer either this website, or more probably, the immensely practical Handbook of Web Marketing, by E. 0. Stanley. The latter book is packed with practical advice, on almost a check-list basis, but, sadly, this is an area where an American orientation is a serious disadvantage - much of Stanley's work is irrelevant in a UK context. There are several short UK works on Web Marketing, but no definitive text.


So there it is, a selection of fewer than 30 books, introductions and standard works, in the hope that it will prove helpful to the company marketing executive. You disagree with the selection? Well, we'll not quarrel about that: '"What's one man's poison, Signor, is another's meat and drink." What's that? You haven't time to read either these books or any others? This theory is all very well, but in the real business world marketing is all a matter of drive, judgement, experience and personality? Well, most people would go quite a long way with you on the importance of these qualities in marketing and in business generally. But if your views really are as categoric as they sound, perhaps it would be helpful to recommend one last book. It is quite short, only 63 webpages, and it is called Pluff Your Way in Marketing.

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