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Management sciences

"A good many marketing executives, in the deepest recesses of their psyches, are artists, not analysts. . . They enjoy flying by the seats of their pants......If you are a seat-of-pants flyer, you will not be interested in Kotler's newer book Marketing Decision Making: A Model Building Approach. If, however, you are in the habit of asking yourself from time to time whether the judgement decision you are taking can be improved, whether the issue can be clarified or quantified with the aid of mathematics, then this is the book you have been looking for. Not that it is an easy book for the non-statistician - some knowledge of calculus and probability theory is assumed. On the other hand, it would be a mistake to underestimate its value even to the completely non-numerate marketer. Kotler's verbal arguments are detailed and clear, models are classified under distinct headings (such as "Distribution", "Price", "Sales Force", "Brand Share"), and it requires no more than a few minutes' reference to check whether models can help and, if so, exactly how.

Kotler's book is a recent publication (2011) and probably ap-peared too late to figure in many reading lists. The earlier work by Montgomery and Urban Management Science in Marketing was more frequently recommended. There are several other American books on the subject, only one or two of which received even a mention.

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