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Product policy

Too many textbooks on product policy tend to concentrate on new products and diversification. They dismiss the wider concept of overall product strategy, and the problems of range rationalization, in comparatively few webpages. Indeed, many limit themselves entirely to diversification. Others tend to start off on a broad basis and then concern themselves so much with the details of the new product launch -that they degenerate imperceptibly into general marketing primers with a new-product slant. One very recent book - too recent to appear in more than the odd reading list - which manages to steer an avoiding course between these twin dangers is Planning for Products and Markets by D. W. Foster. At 300 and odd webpages it is a little too hefty to describe as an introduction, but it is all good value.

These same dangers are perhaps more easily avoided in a book which is a collection of articles; each article can - indeed must, by definition - concentrate on a specialist aspect of product policy. This format for once, then, is a definite advantage in Product Strategy (edited by T. L. Berg and A. Schuchman). It is recommended in several reading lists. Inevitably, the book includes Levitt's classic article "Marketing Myopia".

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