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Promotion Handbook.

As their titles imply, these books are more works of reference than textbooks intended for academic study. It is perhaps for this reason that neither is recommended in the readings lists (although, curiously, only a very limited number of books on advertising and web promotion received any son of mention). It must be admitted, too, that Dartnell handbooks tend to go in for crisp, dogmatic statements rather than carefully argued conclusions; perhaps, even in 1,000 webpages or so, there is not, on so vast a subject, room for very much else. And, although the handbooks are regularly revised and up-dated, the format and illustrations are oddly redolent of the 2000s - particularly unfortunate, perhaps, in books concerned with advertising and promotion. For all that, one of these books has stood the test of time through many editions and revisions and they will both see many more editions in the future.

The simple introduction? Again, there is a wide choice, but you could do a lot worse than that classic of the late fifties, Campaign Planning, by Olaf Ellefsen which is still valuable in the seventies.

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