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Sales management

For an introduction to sales management, try the book of that name by D. W. Smailbone. For the standard work, the sales manager would probably prefer Control of the Field Sales Force, by the same author. The larger book includes a wealth of sample recruitment application forms, typical recruitment advertisements, and training programmes. This is no ivory-tower book - it is specifically aimed at making the sales manager's task easier, and the sales force more efficient and more successful.

Like other books on the subject, however, it tends to shy away from the vastly difficult, but fundamentally important, problem of territory potential. Smailbone briefly dismisses the question, telling us that the methods of assessment of potential vary with each company and product. True indeed, but a few suggestions as to how we might set about the task would not come amiss. Stanton and Buskirk, Management of the Sales Force, devotes a chapter to the subject and lays down at least the guiding principles. In this and other respects it is a more analytical work and perhaps for this reason tends to be the preferred textbook in the reading lists concerned with sales management.

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