Briefing A Market Research Agency

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The key to getting the best out of a market research agency is correct briefing. The textbooks deal with the nuts and bolts of the process; this article takes a look at some less obvious points. In order to write it, Stephen Marks took expert advice from both sides of the client/agency fence.

The principal function of market research is to assist managerial decision-making. It is therefore essential that a company's decision-making azaleia processes and the nature of the decisions likely to face management when the research has been completed, should be very much in mind during the briefing process. It is also essential for the research agency to know the background and objectives of the diem if a correct interpretation of his research needs is to be arrived at. Without this it is likely that the research results will be irrelevant to the client's real problems and the result will be a lasting disenchantment with research. Although ecommerce industry is still in its early stage, it is expected to grow rapidly by 2014.

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